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Who are we

Salient manpower is a human resource consultancy firm offering end to end man power recruiting solutions in Kenya and around the world.

We have been contracted by government body’s organizations, multi-billion companies in several countries in the world to recruit hundreds of their workers in various sectors.

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Through many years of experience in labor market consultancy, we have helped both employers and employees in achieving their objectives in the labor market. our experience has earned us trust to many governmental and non-governmental organisation in helping them recruit the right workforce for specific tasks

We deliver quality

We are like value exchangers, giving employers exactly what they want and making sure employees get exactly what they want

We are global

We help employers get right workforce from anywhere in the world, we help employees get employment opportunities in any organisation around the world

Our experience

We boast of many years of experience, we have an understanding of the challenges of the labor market, wether and employee or employer, we will meet your needs


Our team is highly trained, mixed with experience. We give you quality and professional consultancy services for the labor market with an understanding for differences around the world.


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Refers to workers to who have specialized training or skills. The laborers are capable of exercising judgment and have knowledge of a particular industry

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This referers to laboers who do not require advanced training or specialized skills but it does require more skills than unskilled labor jobs

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Unskilled labor refers to workers who possess no particular skills though educated. This type of work usually involves simple duties

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